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Our Policies

Social Responsibility Policy

The fundamental framework of our company’s corporate social responsibilities includes “share what you gained” principle. The Holding adopting this motto, supports various activities in education, sports and arts directly or indirectly.


Holding, on all its decisions,works on the principle of being responsible towards its employees,shareholders,customers,suppliers and its environment. In all of its projects that has been developed Holding aims to contribute to the welfare of the society.

Social Responsibility Projects


Faik Çelik Girls Technical and Vocational High School

Faik Çelik Girls Technical and Vocational High School, which was started to build in 2005 and opened with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2006, provides education for young people in the region of Yıldırım. Our school, which was awarded the ""White Flag"" award given to the schools that are working on the improvement of School Health through the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Education on the date of opening, was awarded ISO 9001 System Quality Certificate in 2007.

The Girls Technical and Vocational High School, which has been made us proud with its achievements, educates young people who look forward to the future.   


Rahime Çelik Sports and Conference Hall
was built in 2011 as an additional building to Faik Çelik Girls Technical and Vocational High School. With the 250-person capacity, Rahime Çelik Sports and Conference Hall has been designed in a form that our students can exercise freely, and the conference room has been built together with the exhibition hall.   


Uludağ University's Faik Çelik Automotive Engineering Department entered service in the 2011-2012 academic year. In addition to the classrooms equipped with the cutting-edge technology, there is also a library, laboratory, conference room, listening rooms and video conference room. We believe that young people graduated from this department will make a significant contribution to the development of the industry with the information they received.   


Uludag University Faculty of Theology Faik Çelik Campus

Faik Çelik Holding undertook the construction of the Faculty of Theology, located in Fethiye Campus of Uludağ University, which was demolished after determining that it is not earthquake resistant. The building which its foundation laid in the last quarter of 2012 was built on an area of 10 thousand square meter.  

The campus which has increased its current student capacity double, has a unique architecture with its library, cafeteria and 4 amphitheatres as well as classrooms.   


Hacı Bulduk Çelik Nursing Home

Faik Çelik Holding who undertook the construction of the building of nursing home which is located in Kaplıkaya Neighborhood, started to construct 15 years ago but could not be completed due to lack of funding and is now in idle situation, aims to place elderly people in their new homes in a short time.  

Faik Çelik Holding grants scholarships to 150 students every year. In addition to professional clubs in the sport field, the Holding also provides financial support to amateur clubs and contributes to the training of new athletes.

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