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What We Do?

R & D

Beyçelik Gestamp has a technology and R & D Center that can work in cooperation with customers. Our company has all the CAD-CAE software and measuring devices required for the development and production of new products.  

We have the ability to respond to the needs of vehicle manufacturers in stamping metal materials with our young and dynamic team, innovative approach and experience.     


Our R & D studies; is focused on making designs for the molding of products such as bumper, mudguard fender, front-center poles A-Pillar, B-Pillar, moving parts, mounting parts for the body which have a strategic importance within our portfolio.  

The intensive use of ultra high strength steel applications allows Beycelik Gestamp to make improvements in two areas with high level of importance.  

These are weight reduction and passenger safety. Beyçelik-Gestamp has the source of human and technical equipment that can work with the engineering team of the vehicle manufacturer at every stage from the concept phase of the vehicle to the production phase. 


Beyçelik Gestamp has experience in working with customers to develop new products, components and systems. Our teams are able to respond quickly to requests by working in our own centers or at our clients' R & D centers.  


Beyçelik Gestamp attaches importance to the development of new technologies in order to obtain high performance products. Studies relating to develop steels with higher mechanical properties has led Beyçelik Gestamp to investigate the technologies required for stamping and assembling new generation materials.    


Beyçelik Gestamp R & D has all the methodologies needed to test the conformity of new products to the standards.

-Test Measuring Equipment
-Material Content Measuring Equipment
-3D Measuring Machines"

Beyçelik Gestamp

Beyçelik Gestamp A.Ş., otomotiv yan sanayi metal sektöründe kalıp, teçhizat ve komponent tasarlayan, geliştiren ve üreten uluslararası bir şirkettir. Özellikle innovatif ürünler tasarlayarak daha güvenli ve daha hafif araç tasarımlarına destek olmakta ve buna bağlı olarak insan güvenliğinin arttırılması, enerji tüketimlerinin azaltılması ve çevrenin korunması ana ilkelerine hizmet etmektedir.
Işıktepe Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Kahverengi cad. No:13
Nilüfer / Bursa / Turkey
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